Project Quilting Challenge 2018



Project Quilting starts January 7!!

Go HERE for the announcement — and we will, of course, be posting it on our FB page, too!!

What’s Project Quilting??

Here’s the deal. Trisha Frankland, a talented quilter and teacher herself, is going to post a ‘challenge’ every-other Sunday at Noon during each Season. You will have one week to complete the challenge and link up* your finished quilt to the proper blog post (this part will make sense once you see the challenge), and tell your story of how you decided to solve the challenge the way you did. If you want to make a video to go with it – that of course is a bonus!

There’s no charge for participation in Project Quilting, but there are prizes… AND we’ll have prizes, too!!  But, if you don’t play… you can’t win.  Them’s the rules!


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